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    Welcome On Mobius

    Mobius was created by professionnal coders and passionate people.

    We made all the best only for you, to enjoy great features and design quality. Mobius was build in order to reach a pixel perfect layout.

    Mobius includes exclusive features such as the Themeone Slider, Themeone Shorcode Generator and Mobius Grid Generator.

    Our Skills

    Social Premium
    • Phone consultations to sus out your professional vision and ensure we’re on the same page.

    • Unique visual and content ideas for your brand.

    • Custom graphics made from scratch or from stock that we will purchase.

    • Profile and cover photos for your facebook or twitter account each month.

    • Content creation, curation and copyediting designed for your company.

    Social Premium

    Engage your audience with daily social updates for one account (28-31 posts).  Represent your business the professional way with professional custom content, header graphics, and content graphics for your social media accounts. Receive new content two weeks before the start of each month.

    This process starts with a  kick-off meeting where we’ll plan out 12 months worth of goals for your business.

    Interested in adding this graphic to a different form of social media or scheduling your content?  We can do that too!

    • Initial Consultation

      We’ll both bring ideas to the table and together we’ll plan out compelling updates for your profile and cover photos.

    • Brain Storming

      We’ll gather your ideas and email you a concrete visual plan. One set of changes to are included.

    • Production & Fulfillment

      Each month you’ll receive a new content at least two weeks ahead of the new month.

    • Changes

      If you have a change of plans please notify us at least 1 week in advance.

    Included in this package:  Graphic purchasing, initial consult, monthly visuals.  Any changes must be asked for at least 2 weeks before the start of the month.  Any additional graphics or one time graphics will be charged $130.  Additional meetings will be billed at $85 an hour.
    • More About the One Time Planning Session
    • Best Value
    • Things to Consider for as Ideas to Bring to the Meeting

    This is an effective way to make sure your campaign is more consistent and  our way of keeping costs and time to a minimum for you.  There is one meeting included in the plan. Pay for more meeting time at any point.

    By committing to a plan you’ll not only take advantage of cost savings, but remind your audience that you have an excellent product with a professional appearance.

    There are a variety of directions to consider for your meeting kick-off.

    • Events and openings your company is sponsoring
    • Holidays and seasonal events
    • Great photos your company has
    • Products or services you want to show off
    • Things you want the public to know
    • The general appearance you wan to present
    • Graphics you like or hate
    • Branding standards

    Things to remember

    • Keep text to a minimum.  Consider just  a headline and maybe subtitle
    • The main purpose of this graphic is to provide a professional presence for your company